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From montykins...

Okay, I think we need a little recap of the plot for those of you who drifted off during all that hoisting in the cave. Let's see, a flying gargoyle drops a gold doohickey onto Sinbad's ship, which Sinbad decides to use as an accessory, even though it's supposed to bring him bad luck. But instead of bad luck, he's brought a Vogue cover model with an eyeball drawn on her hand, which is supposed to be a sign, but it's really just an eyeball drawn on her hand. Meanwhile, the bad guy recites a bunch of evil spells, even though they make him age faster than a Beverly Hills divorcee in a tanning salon. Then he follows Sinbad, the supermodel, a drug addict, and a guy whose face got burned off to a lost island, where your Wizard-of-Oz-type floating head tells em to go north. That's where a bunch of green guys whose language has only developed as far as "ooga-booga" throw the model into a pit. Oh, this is after the bad guy throws a glass of o.j. at an Indian statue with six arms, which comes to life and starts knocking guys down with the six swords it's swinging around. No one gets stabbed, though. Did you guys notice that? Musta been some pretty dull cutlery. And then the bad guy accidentally knocks the gold doohickey into the fountain while Sinbad prepares for a little nookie with the model. Is that where we're at? Okay, let's get back to it--exciting conclusion to "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad," after the ads.

And if you like that, here's more.

-The Gneech

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