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Happy Birthday, tahamaki

For your present, here's today's Forgotten English!

Full, plump; usually spoken of corn or fruit, in opposition to fantome, anything fat or distended.

Late Summer Diet
In the month of September, and likewise in the latter part of August, according as you shall find the season to alter, begin to withdraw your custome of drinking, converting the same to a mediocrity, and be moderate in all things, especially in the use of autumnall fruits, which breed putrid humours, and carefull in eschewing the morning and evening cold. ... Although the autumnal fruits doe in this season gloriously shew themselves, yet often and much use of them is hurtfull because an ill juyce, concurring with the distemperature of the aire, doth suddenly corrupt the whole body. For all green fruits, especially those that quickly perish and rot, as plums, peaches, apricocks, &c. do abundantly engender wind, make the bloud waterish and subject to putrefaction, especially in them that have impure stomacks. Therefore, the use of them is to the phlegmatick and melancholick.
--Tobias Venner's Via Recta: The Right Way of Living, 1650

You know, there's archaic use, and then there's just makin' shit up. Old Tobias appears to have been a pioneer of L33T. Ill juyce???

-The Gneech

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