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Putting the Biz in Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy

As tiffany_tiger announced over in suburban_jungle, SJ returns to M-W-F a week from Monday.

We're not going to be jumping right back into the whole "alien abduction" storyline, but instead are going to get rolling again with some stand-alone strips featuring Tiff and Leonard, Dover and Comfort, and various other cast members. I have scripts and the beginnings of pencils for some of these, but I need to finish them up over this weekend. Since I'm going to be at Dragon*Con next weekend, the strips need to be done and on the server by Wednesday latest.

I also need to get more NN scripts to susan_deer by the end of this weekend so we can make sure there's no hiccup on September 5th.

As much as I love cons, I'm glad that Dragon*Con is the last one for a while; 2006 has felt like one long marathon to me, running from con to con to family event/wedding to con, and I need life to chill out for a bit. Right now the likelihood is that I won't be going to MFF, which makes Further Confusion 2007 my next con after D*C. Assuming life cooperates, that will mean a fairly largish stretch in September/October/early November where I actually have weekends again, at least for a little while until the holiday season cranks up.

It's a good thing, too ... I have a fairly large "master plan" going on, of which this year's big project (i.e., "Get NeverNever running again") was Step One. Now that's taken care of, it's time to start putting serious work into Step Two, which requires that I have the time and energy to work on it.

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