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Stoopid Inspiration

Last night I went to bed and fell asleep for what I would guess was 10-15 minutes, then woke back up with a couple variations on the first page or so of the B&G novel composed in my head, and my creative processes chewing ferociously on the matter of which option would be a more compelling opening. Unfortunately, I was dead dog tired and very much wanted to sleeeeeep. The muse was poking me, urging me to rush downstairs, open up WordPerfect, and commit all of this stuff to paper (or electrons, as the case may be) while my leaky sieve of a brain still had it.

I knew very well that if I went downstairs, it would be after midnight before I came back up, so in the end I decided that sleep took priority. The muse threw something of a tantrum and said, "Fine! If you won't go write this stuff down, I won't let you sleep either! So NYAH!" but my body was more forceful on the subject, having only had a fitful and unsatisfying 6 hours of sleep (including the dreams I commented on yesterday) the night before.

The problem is, if you go to bed with an annoyed subconscious, you doom yourself to another night of fitful and unsatisfying sleep, which is exactly what I had, waking up with yet another headache. And today, when I tried to recall as much as I could from my somnambulent creative burst, all I got was the first line.

My muse can be a spoiled punk when it wants to.

-The Gneech
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