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Floating on a Sunday Morning

Well, Dragon*Con is 65%+ over now, and it's been something of a weird one. Sales have been a bit on the sluggish side, which is a bummer of course but is always a possibility. At Dragon*Con, my main goal is generally to get my name out there and get new readers, and I think I'm doing fairly well on that score. The NN flyers are going out like hotcakes, as are my business cards. Childproof the Unicorns is moving best of the books, but on the other hand a lot of people who've come around the table have told me that they have all the books and are just waiting for the next one. Alas, a year of dodgy output strikes again. But we'll get there!

I haven't seen as much of this D*C as I generally do; for one thing, it's more scattered than they have been in the past, and for another, there haven't been any "Gotta get to that!" panels for me. The main panels I wanted to see were Crossed Swords back-to-back with Ray Park, but at that point the table had been so spotty that I didn't want to leave without trying to get business to move a little better.

Today, I'm going to make a point to get to the art show and look around the dealer room(s); laurie_robey and I made a bonzai run through the Exhibit Hall yesterday at lunchtime, and I grabbed a few gaming books, and I stopped in at "PonyCon" for a few minutes each last night and Friday night, but that's been the extent of my non-table time.

The other oddity of this D*C is that people keep thinking I'm Phil Foglio. 0.o

I got to meet him actually, on Friday night when indigoskynet invited Bill H. and me to come be on the Webcomics panel, which Phil was also on. Seems like a very cool guy and I intend to find him in the Exhibit Hall for a minute or two today and make a pest of myself. Or at least pick up a copy of Girl Genius.

Tomorrow we'll be leaving shortly after lunch, so tonight is gonna probably be spent watching the Masquerade from our room while we pack. But now, it's off to shower and then breakfast. Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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