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The bumpers on Dragon*Con TV are some of the best parts of the con. :)

Today was much better in terms of sales; we'd sold more by noon today than all day yesterday, I think. It's still not the kind of business we'd do at a furry con, but that's not really the purpose of D*C at this stage for me at least. I'm here to spread the word more than anything, so to that end every time somebody takes a business card and says, "cool, I'll check out your strips," I consider it a goal achieved.

Alas, poor Kerry was not feeling well today and so had to stay back at her hotel convalescing; I managed to hold the fort down without her, although she was definitely missed. She says she's feeling much better, tho, so hopefully she'll be back around tomorrow.

We're only going to be in the artist alley for a few hours in the morning; long enough to deliver homework and pack up, pretty much, but we'll see if any of today's "I'm just shopping right now, I'll be back when I have money" people actually come back. They do, occasionally. :)

On the whole, I'd say it was a good D*C. I would like to have been able to get away from the table a little more, but I did get to cruise the Exhibit Hall once and saw most of the art show, got to say hello and hang out with lots of cool folks, and generally have a good time. If we can have a new NeverNever book here next year (which I suspect we will), and possibly Sue at the table, we'll be nigh-unstoppable.

-The Gneech

PS: BTW, Sue, Amy Pronovost says hi!

PPS: Remind me to post the story of the Booth Babe and the "Buy My Stuff" Sign when I have some more time. Laurie and I were quite amused.
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