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Saturday Workout Report ("You're Not An Ordinary Fella!" Edition)

Whenever that DDR guy enthuses, "You're not an ordinary fella!" I always find myself thinking one of two things: A) "You mean laurie_robey?" or B) "Why, what have you heard?"

Anyway, Laurie and I did an hour of DDR this morning, our first "real" exercise in a few weeks (although we've done tons and tons of walking for various reasons).

I noticed at Dragon*Con that my muscles are starting to atrophy, 'cause I haven't been doing the weight lifting, pretty much since just before AC. Summer, being busy, yadda yadda. I had started to reach the upper limits of the Bowflex's capabilities when I stopped, which was another factor ... my mind sorta flagged the Bowflex as "done" and my enthusiasm waned.

But as I say, the muscles are beginning to atrophy, particularly in the danger zone (i.e., my lower back). This can't be allowed to continue, or next D*C will mark the return of a tradition I was happy to say goodbye to: spending D*C lying on the floor in agony because my back is thrown out. Yargh.

We're looking at possibly receiving bonuses at work at the end of the fiscal year (i.e., September 30), so what I'm thinking is that when the D*C expenses are paid off, I will probably put my bonus towards buying a new weight machine, possibly a newer (less cobbled-together-with-recalls) version of the Bowflex, or some other type of machine. kamau_d_lyon expressed some interest in taking the older one off my hands, so if he still wants it, maybe we can arrange PlumbingCon 2006 to take it up to him.

Meanwhile, it's back to crunches and pushups for me. My back must not be given an excuse.

-The Gneech
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