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Saturday Workout Report (Compiled Edition)

Rather than bore everyone with daily workout reports, this week I decided to bore everyone with a summary. laurie_robey and I have been hitting the DDR pretty consistently this week, doing two 45-minute sessions and one 30-minute session since Monday. Also, every day except Thursday, I've been doing three sets of 20 crunches (middle, right, and left) and 20 "3rd-step" pushups -- i.e., pushups done by placing my hands on the 3rd step of a staircase, thus angling my body at roughly 20°. I'm doing these in order to build my strength back up, as pushups are always, always, always the hardest things for me to do and the easiest for me to get disgusted and quit on. Right now I can do a full set of 20 3rd-step pushups and keep my form all right; in a week or two I'll switch to 2nd-step, then 1st-step, then back to the floor.

I haven't picked up with the Bowflex again primarily because of time -- I've been working hard to get caught up on the too-much-to-do list since D*C, so the DDR and pushups/crunches are all I've been able to shoehorn in. But even they're better than nothing.

-The Gneech
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