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R.O.D. -- W.T.F.?

laurie_robey and I just finished watching the 4-part R.O.D. -- Read Or Die OVA. It's good, but definitely engages the ol' brain-hurter. The story is a kind of "James Bond meets the X-Men" with a dash of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for flavor.

I definitely recommend it, although I could have done without the recurring "President soils himself" gag and was very surprised that there were only four episodes. Why not just make it a single movie and be done with it? There's also a sorta-sequel TV series which, I gather, starts fresh with a whole new set of main characters. Again, an odd choice, although I can see why Emma Cleavage (er, "Nancy") couldn't come back and Gruff Soldier wouldn't come back ... certainly Agent Paper could.

Anyway, if you like thrillers with a SF/fantasy twist, you'll like R.O.D. -- Read Or Die, so check it out.

-The Gneech
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