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From Arts & Letters Daily:

Adieu France, 'allo land of the free
Interview: Jasper Gerard meets Bernard-Henri Lévy

“It has to be seriously reshaped,” and he stares at me, recognising that this is a big statement from France’s leading progressive. “We learnt that from the riots.”

But before we Brits look smug, he says that while we have a better balance of free market and social welfare, our handling of Islamism has been equally disastrous. “The British said to immigrants, ‘You don’t care about being British? Don’t worry, you are welcome, feel free.’ The French said, ‘Forget all of what you are, you are entering a new world.’ Both ways were shown not to work. We need something in the middle,” he says, before attacking the British government for taking on Islamicist advisers, who are part of the problem, not the solution. “We have to tell these guys they have to share our value system, and central to that is tolerance.”

Sounds like a very interesting fella. :)

-The Gneech
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