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Sartorial Bliss

The internet wins again!

My necktie collection, while admirable enough in its way, has not had a new addition since the late '90s, when anything resembling coolness in ties became unfashionable to the idiots in charge of the masses. The one exception to this was a gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright design tie that winged my way as a present from mammallamadevil a little while back.

The thing of it is, my preferred style of necktie is a square-cut narrow wool knit creature, which was popular in the 1930s and had a brief resurgence in the 1980s, but is not much seen today. So shopping for neckties for me is always something of a downer 'cause nobody has what I want. But for some reason, it just never occurred to me to check the internet ... until now.

Thus it was that this morning I scored this beautiful thing, a two-tone German specimen from the 1950s. Sa-WEET. I also grabbed an '80s vintage specimen off of eBay and three other contemporary examples from a dealer on Yahoo. Practically a tie-buying binge! Add these two to the black and teal ones already in my collection, and I'll finally have, if not enough, at least a healthy sampling. I probably should have bought a new black one, as my current black one is getting a bit worn, but I can only justify to myself spending so much on neckties all at once.

In other sartorial news, I meant to wear my kangol today, but forgot and wore the fedora instead. D'Oh! Where's Jeeves when I need him?

In other semi-sartorial news, my hair is starting to get long again; I wonder what I'll do with it this time.

-The Gneech
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