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Are You My Mummy?

We've finished disc three of the Eccleston Doctor Who now; on the whole I'd say it was quite a step up from disc two. While "The Long Game" was mostly forgettable (aside from the squickiness of having an access hatch in your forehead), "Father's Day" was very effective. All about Rose as always, but in this case it actually had a good reason to be and worked very well. (Milk that death, Rose's Dad! Milk it!) The "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances" two-parter was excellent all around, with one tiny gripe, which is that "The Doctor Dances" is a terrible title.

For that matter, "World War Three" (the second part of "Aliens of London") wasn't exactly a great title either ... personally I think the multi-parters should just stick with a single title, such as "The Empty Child, Part One" and "The Empty Child, Part Two." Partially because it feels more like classic Doctor Who, but also because the second parts tend to have weak names, it seems.

Only three more Eccleston episodes to go now. I would have liked for him to stay around a bit longer, or possibly have been Paul McGann the whole time, but he was an all right doctor. I don't think he'll ever rate as high as Baker or Pertwee, but they were a hella hard act to follow, weren't they?

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Note to myself: Some interesting stuff here.
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