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Get Back To Where It Once Belonged

I am home today, resting my back after the punishment it took last week and yesterday. It's mostly okay, except every once in a while it will hit me with a short-but-intensely-painful spasm.

I hope to crank out some comic strips today while I still have some time left. I've had a strange relationship with my drawing lately, pretty much since I finalized the decision not to go to MFF.

When I first started doing comic strips in a big way, back in college, I used to find them very exciting. I would sit and crank out idea after idea, then when I ran out I'd pick up Bloom County Babylon or one of the VCU Library's many Pogo books and read until I was inspired again. I could happily draw for hours at a time. It wasn't rare for me to spend all day sitting at a table in the library just drawing like crazy.

These days, it's not like that. Although I do still sometimes draw for pleasure, now it's more like a habit. I don't continue my comics because I enjoy doing them, I continue my comics because I don't want them to stop. When I go to a convention, I get all inspired and excited again, and it lasts for a couple of weeks, then I'm back to just doing them with the same kind of "time to make the donuts" mindset.

Really, tho, it's not just my comics that are like that ... it's pretty much how I'm facing life in general. I've gotten so used to the default answer to everything being, "no, you can't have that," that I've largely stopped wanting things. I just sorta take what presents itself, and try to avoid anything really bad ... but I don't try very hard, because if something's destined to hit me, then trying to avoid it generally makes it worse when it finally comes.

Fortunately, DragonCon is in two days, so hopefully it will help break me out of this funk -- assuming I don't spend the whole time on the floor of the hotel room wincing in agony.

-The Gneech
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