John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey


"Hmm. I see. Well I think I may be able to help you. You see, your cat is suffering from what we vets haven't found a word for. His condition is typified by total physical inertia, absence of interest in its ambience -- what we vets call environment -- failure to respond to the conventional external stimuli ... a ball of string, a nice juicy mouse, a bird. To be blunt, your cat is in a rut. It's the old stockbroker syndrome, the suburban fin de siecle ennui, angst, weltschmerz, call it what you will."


"In a way, in a way ... hmm, moping, I must remember that. Now, what's to be done? Tell me sir, have you confused your cat recently?"

"Well we..."

"Shh! No."

"Yes, well I think I can definitely say that your cat badly needs to be confused."

-The Gneech
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