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Election Post-Mortem

So anyway, there were these candidates, and some of them got elected, and others didn't, and some of them are probably gonna recount. That's all I have to say about that.

However, I do want to talk about the "not only can gays not get married, the state is allowed to shoot their dog" amendment that passed here. The good news is, Arlington County and the City of Richmond both voted 69% and 70% against it -- so not every place in VA is pure evil. The bad news is that while Fairfax (where I live) did vote against it, it was only by a very slim margin.

I find it so very hard to believe that we're not past this. I heard one of the amendment drafters speaking on an interview (I've forgotten his name now, unfortunately), and the comment that struck me was that to him and his organization, the important thing was not what the law did, but the fact that it was designed to "make gays feel unwelcome, so they will go elsewhere."

First off, that warrants a boot to the head right off the bat. But even if it didn't, just think for a minute how that sentence would read if you pulled out the word "gays" and inserted the word "blacks".

Blood boiling yet?

It works for lots of other words, too! Try...


So once again, Virginia is notable for unvarnished bigotry. Good God, what's WRONG with you people?

So when people start using this law to do what it SAYS, rather than what it was meant for (which they surely will), and start using it to get out of child-support payments (for instance), when all sorts of stupid crap starts happening, at least the people who drafted the thing will have the warm glow of knowing they made gays feel unwelcome.

Virginia, you make me sick, and should be deeply ashamed of yourselves.

-The Gneech

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