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Speaking of Conan...

I am highly intrigued by this, among other reasons because it has Beast/Clayface/Fiery Blaze himself, Ron Perlman, as everyone's favorite Cimmerian, and Mark "What Star Wars? I do voices!" Hamill as Tolkemec.

"Red Nails" is an ... interesting ... choice of story to do as an animated film. It is possibly the darkest, grimmest Conan story Howard ever wrote, sort of a "Fall of the House of Usher" meets She, with a bit of Deliverance thrown in for extra creepiness. Even if you excise the scenes of quasi-lesbian sadism, you still have an insular, inbreeding society collapsing in on itself in a particularly bloodthirsty manner.

I half wonder if maybe it was chosen because it was one of the few Conan stories that actually has Valeria in it, as opposed to the Valeria/Bêlit amalgamation in Conan the Barbarian. Other than that, I'm not sure why it would be the piece chosen for this venture. I would have expected "The Phoenix on the Sword", Hour of the Dragon, or perhaps "People of the Black Circle" -- more typically action-oriented stuff, rather than the dark psychological stew of "Red Nails".

-The Gneech
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