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Now, Horace, I Warned You About THINKIN'!

Every once in a while I get this peculiar sensation that some part of my brain is chugging along at full power, thinking up a storm about something, but that it won't tell the rest of my brain (including my consciousness) just what it is.

This always bears watching out for, because there have been times in the past when it indicated that my brain was trying to deal with "issues" that my conscious mind just couldn't face at the time and it sent me off into depression. Most of the time, however, it's not really a problem.

Sometimes, in fact, it comes just before a giant spurt of creative activity. The novels I've written were preceded by a lot of subconscious composition, which then translated into a couple of weeks of frenzied writing.

And then occasionally, it's like a hard drive randomly churning like mad, slowing down the system, and then it mysteriously goes away and you find yourself asking your monitor, "What the heck was THAT about?" I think that scenario is the most frustrating, because I always find myself wondering if there isn't some ticking bomb in my subconscious that's going to jump out and yell "Boo!" when I'm trying to deal with something else.

So here's a list of what's on my mind right now, for my own reference, in no particular order. Any or all of these could be what my brain is stewing on, or it might be something else entirely. But at least putting 'em down will give them some structure:

  • SJ is coming up on a big crossroads, which requires a lot of attention to do it properly.

  • A member of the family is having serious health issues, and it's got Laurie stressed. But there's not much I can do to help.

  • MFF is this weekend, and I would like to have gone, but it just wasn't feasible this year. Too much other stuff going on, and I've been to at least one con too many this year.

  • We're looking with serious intent at buying a house, which we've never done before and don't know how it will impact our finances.

  • I'm having a little creative block on the next NN storyline.

  • Work is being all up in my face the past week.

  • I need to exercise.

  • Gaming is so sporadic as to be all but nonexistent at the moment.

  • Ditto art, not including the regular SJ strips.

  • Ditto writing.

  • Holiday season is approaching like a runaway train, and needs attending to.

...I think that's everything that makes the meter move. There's lots of other little things that I don't really care about ('my desk is a mess'), but they're not on the same scale. Hopefully putting them all down like this will help me tackle them in small chunks and start to make progress.

-The Gneech
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