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Well Crap!

Care of ENWorld and Code Monkey Publishing...

Without preamble or holding anything back it's pretty simple:

Effective November 30th, we will no longer hold license with Wizards of the Coast to produce data sets of any kind for any program.

Wizards of the Coast has declined to extend our agreement, initially citing no reason. Then, after speaking with our contact at-length, we got this explanation: "Because of Future Product Considerations."

Whether this means 4th Edition is looming, they're doing things in house, or they've decided to give a license to someone else, we simply don't know.

What this means in simple terms is that as of December 1st there will be no Wizards of the Coast products available for sale from us. No data sets for e-Tools, PCGen or RPG Foundry. No Interactive Adventures or Atlases. No Fantasy Grounds Data Sets. Nothing. (And, yes, that does mean that all RPG Foundry data set pre-orders will be canceled and refunded.)

That does not mean that we're going out of business. We're not! This has no impact on our other publishers. We will still be producing data sets for them, and in fact we're working on adding a few other publishers to the list of those we do business with in order to bring even more data sets to you guys and gals.

This does, however, also mean no more e-Tools program sales. Which is not as big an issue as e-Tools was at the end of its life cycle, anyway. We had three new data sets for release this month, but that's not happening now as Wizards won't approve them at this stage. And we were basically done with e-Tools, anyhow. ;)

So for a couple months we'll be producing and selling data sets for PCGen, only, until RPG Foundry is out.

Dammit, WotC! >:E

-The Gneech
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