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DDR Pad: "Perhaps I Didn't Make Myself Clear..."

Well, in yet another attempt to thwart our attempts to play DDR, one of our Red Octane pads is now randomly stuck in permanent "Push START" mode. This is after we bought a PS2 because to play the game 'cause the pads didn't work on the X-Box, if you recall.

So laurie_robey and I played "DDR Supernova" for an hour tonight by alternating which one of us was dancing (although for at least one, I just did the moves in the background without a pad while Laurie played).

A lot of thoughts went through my head as we played; the main one I remember now is, when the polygonal dancer in her super-short-shorts bent down and touched her toes, "Does it count as fanservice if I'm not her fan?"

The other I remember is a sketch idea; it's kind of complex and I don't know if I'll actually do it or not ... but I'm at least going to write it down in my list.

-The Gneech
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