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The moment he felt motion on the bed, Greg knew what had happened. He didn't even have to open his eyes. "Good morning, Ozymandias," he said.

"Meow," Ozymandias replied, and lay down across Greg's stomach.

"So, when it came down to do or die, Sharon chose the benefits of a companion of the same species over good honest worth, eh?"

"Meow," said Ozymandias.

"I think she's a sucker, too," said Greg. "Ah well, I hope it works out. Meanwhile, I suppose Brigid told Sharon that it was perfectly all right, that we would take you in, and that she could come visit you whenever you wanted. Well, that's all very well and good, but there are legal issues involved. There is a lease to be dealt with, and that kind of thing. Did she say what she planned to do about that?"

"Meow," said Ozymandias.

"No," said Greg. "I didn't think so."

-The Gneech

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