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Where Are the Monsters? And Where's Their Stuff?

I was planning to wait on Neverwinter Nights 2 until the price came down, some patches came out, or Christmas came around, but gaming has been so sparse I may change my mind on that this weekend; we'll see. The problem with being an adult gamer in a group of adult gamers is that it is very difficult to get people to all be available more than one weekend a month.

jamesbarrett is slated to run his D&D game this weekend, which should help, although after the past two weeks at work I'm definitely more in the mood to play some barbarian with a big ol' battleaxe than I am to play Celedras, much as I like the boy. Celedras is more fun when I'm in a roleplaying mood and want to have fun emphasizing all his particular character-traits. This weekend, I just want to engage in a little wanton monster-slaughter. Critical hit for 3d10+d6+27? Take that, orc scum!

I think our group needs another GM. That way everybody gets to play in at least two games. We also need to all still be in college so we have lots of free time. ¬.¬


-The Gneech
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