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Breakfast care of Level Head and Mrs. Level Head again, with more pangs of awkwardness. I seem to remember that either Vince or T'Chall was with us, too, but since I didn't have a chance to make notes, I can't remember now. Although there were tracks I was interested in, I decided instead to spend as much time as possible in the Dealer Room, keeping Thomas company and doing sketchies and badges for lunch money. I was particularly flattered by Kage playing "stuttering fanboy" as he asked for a sketch. I told him I'd do one if he bought me the cup of coffee he's been threatening me with for months; he said I should meet him after the story hour and we'd do it then.

Charity Auction time! As usual, a cameo in SJ was up on the block, as well as a VERY nice piece that Vince had been drawing most of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, of a tiger and a wolf being playful at a car wash. T'Chall, who'd already got me to do a sketch for him (as well as commissioning some pieces from me which I _still_ owe him), won the commission, for $375! You rule, T'Chall! Have I ever mentioned that?

Sadly for me, PunkTiger beat me out on the Vince piece ... he got it for $100, which is a bargain as far as I'm concerned, but I just didn't have the money to go any higher. So congrats, Punk! I got Vince to do me a little sketchie of Drezzer beeping Biff's nose, instead, so I don't feel too bad.

I had to run out of the auction to get to my next panel, "Writing for Comics," which I was sharing with Lance Rund, unbeknownst[1] to him, apparently. (Also unbenownst to some hack called David Brin, who was hogging up the room talking about all his bestselling science fiction novels. Honestly, the nerve of some people!)

Unfortunately, Lance thought he was the only panelist, and decided to cancel rather than chase out David Brin -- but Mr. Brin left of his own accord, leaving me alone behind the desk while Lance's buddy chased him down and got him to come back. Once he returned, we introduced ourselves to each other. I was somewhat surprised but quite pleased that Lance was familiar with Suburban Jungle. (Lance, in case you don't recognize his name, is the main writer of "Associated Student Bodies.") He had very detailed notes written up, comics to hand out, and so forth -- made me feel like a distinct amateur! I'll chalk that up to lessons learned and do better next time. The panel went well, I thought; we talked about pacing, character development, and the nature of comics as a mixed medium. Lance knows his stuff well! I'd like to work with him someday.

From there it was on to Iron Artist, where Vince and Thomas were apparently having a grudge match after Vince dethroned Thomas last year. The medium was cake frosting -- much fun! :)

Dinner with the Level Head family again, joined by Vince this time. While I was a bit more comfortable this time around, I still haven't been able to figure out just what I've done that warrants this kind of attention. People have tried to explain it to me, but I just can't see it. I worry that I'm taking advantage of people somehow; my karma has enough black spots on it already. Still, they offered, and quite clearly felt satisfied to do so, so really I ought to just say thanks and otherwise keep my big trap shut!

8:00 pm ... isn't today finished yet? Nope, yet another panel for me, "Computers and Comics." Vince was very kind and agreed to help me with this one, so I wasn't the only panelist. Neither of us had a shred of stuff planned, so we stood up in front of people looking sheepish and answered questions people threw at us about hardware, software, and technique. Considering that it was all ad-lib, it went pretty well. There was a kid there who reminded me of Ryan from Nekomimikun's SJ fanfics.

Vince headed off to his room and I headed off to Uncle Kage's Story Hour, which was great as always. I came up afterwards to claim my coffee, which by now had evolved into a soda, and Kage said, "Tell you what, I'll bring one to 'Eye of Argon' tonight, be there." Sorta missed the whole point of having a nice sit down and chat with Kage that I was aiming for, I thought, but oh well. Feeling a little snubbed, I said okay, and wandered off to find Vince until midnight.

Vince and I chatted in his room about this, that, and everything for quite a while ... when I checked the time, I discovered that it was well into 12:45, and I was too beat to get to Eye of Argon ... leaving poor Kage in the Lombard room holding a Cherry Coke intended for me and me a no-show. Bleah, there goes another black spot on the ol' karma. Le sigh.

Sorry Kage! If it helps, I'll be throwing myself onto a sword later. :(

[1] Is "unbeknownst" a real word? Oh well, it is now!
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