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That's ... a Lot of Spiders!

Well, after my disappointing attempt to run Neverwinter Nights II I decided to go hunting for mods for the original. I've had Pirates of the Sword Coast languishing on my hard drive since it came out, so I went through that first. It was enjoyable, a kind of "NWN meets Pirates of the Caribbean with a hint of Monkey Island for variety" adventure. You get marooned on a desert island, have to search for buried treasure via maps (which is an interesting puzzle but they over-use it just a tad), and suffer a horrible piratey curse.

Still, it wasn't quite what I was looking for, so I searched around a bit and found Hyborian Age 1: Temple of the Spider God -- now we're talking! It's a fan-made module that uses hacks to add new facial models, new Hyborian-ish equipment, and (my personal favorite touch) change the music to Basil Poledouris' Conan the Barbarian soundtrack. The plot is nothing special ... "barbarian/fighter/rogue rescues innocent virgins and battles spider god, film at 11." But the dialogue is a nice Conan-style pastiche, and the soundtrack adds a lot. It's not quite the ultimate in Howard-fan gaming, but it's certainly closer than running errands for a paladin chick accompanied by a snarky halfling.

It's not a very long module, alas, about four hours max; it was touted as being the first of three but that was in 2002 and numbers two and three never materialized so I rather doubt they're going to. If I was familiar with the NWN toolset and had time to burn on it, I might try my hand at retooling/finishing it myself.

Ah well. It was fun. :) I just wish Age of Conan wasn't a friggin' MMO.

-The Gneech
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