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Must -- Control -- Fist of Death --!

There's one little record in the database that's not correct; all they have to do is correct it and their page will work.

Them: "Do we need to fix this?"

Me: "Yes."

Them: "How do we fix this?"

Me: "You have a desktop application the DB team built for you."

Them: "Did this fix it?"

Me: "That fixed -one- of the things wrong with it."

Them: "Can't you just alter the website so we don't -need- to fix it?"

Me: "..."

Honestly, WTF.

-The Gneech


Nov. 28th, 2006 08:49 pm (UTC)
Gh. Reminds me of my brother in law. pegasus316 and I put a website together for their band. He sends us photos directly from his digital camera, which means that they are huge to begin with. pegasus316 has to resize (and many times color correct too) each and every one of them. We're not talking about 1-3 photos here, he sends batches of 20 or 25. Its obvious that its going to take a while even if pegasus316 gets to work on them the moment he receives them.

Of course, even it has been explained to him, my brother in law doesn't understand that sometimes you need to "refresh" a page to see changes. He doesn't get it and calls us to complain if the webpage hasn't been updated soon enough for him. Most of the time its a matter of telling to press the "reload" button on his browser. Its still pegasus316 fault of course, because -HE- had to fix it by reloading the page. He's nice about it but its still aggravating to hell.

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