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For Interested Parties

If you aren't interested, why the heck are you reading?


With the help of narcotics and a chiropractor, I was able to go to Dragon*Con, a day after initially scheduled (owie, $600 more of plane ticket cost). It was very pleasant, T'Chall was there and he got to meet Laurie and jamesbarrett (he'd already met HantaMouse at AC). This year wasn't anywhere near as exciting or cool as last year, although I got some useful stuff out of the Writing track and got Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo)'s autographs.

The t-shirts were very nice, and as soon as they're on the Plan Nine site, I'm going to plug them like crazy; unfortunately, P9 did not exactly have an optimal booth arrangement, and sales were slow at best. This con goes into the "expense" column and not into the "profit" for most people involved, I'm afraid.

The big score of the con was getting a boatload of Mage Knight figures for $0.50 each. I haven't the least bit of interest in Mage Knight as a game, but a ton of pre-painted miniatures for D&D for $25? I'm there!

I also picked up Decipher's new Lord of the Rings RPG, and Robin's Laws: A Guide to Good Gamemastering, by Robin Laws, published by Steve Jackson Games. I read this latter item on the flight home, and it is excellent; I recommend it to would-be GMs and to would-be writers alike. It's not Creativity Rules by any stretch, but for $10, it's a worthy investment.

My back seems to be more or less recovered, YAY! I have another appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow evening, and I imagine we'll be discussing long-term treatment options then. Since I'm not sure what kind of coverage I'll get from work, I don't know where it will go from there. I'll have to discuss that with the HR person at Circle tomorrow.

Bleah. I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow.

I spent a lot of the weekend doing some heavy-duty thinking about my plans for the future in regards to my creative works ... writing, cartooning, etc., trying to come up with some goals, and something approaching a plan of action. I'm still trying to determine where my best interests lie in the long-term, what I should be aiming for in terms of a career, and how I'm going to get there. It may be that some changes are in order -- but without the ability to see into the future, it's very, very hard to come to a firm conclusion.

Anyway, that's a topic I can (and doubtless will) rant about in the future. For the time being, I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, and my tummy's not doing so hot -- lots of bad hotel and con food. :P So I better go to bed.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone! They really helped. :)


-The Gneech
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