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Sarah Jane :)

laurie_robey and I have been watching "Hand of Fear" over the past couple of weeks after recording it off of MPT; this episode is mainly notable for the fact that it marks Sarah Jane's departure from the original series after having been on it through two Doctors and seventeen serials. I hadn't seen that particular episode before, although I've seen most of the ones of that season including the one that follows, and laurie_robey almost never watched the original series, so it was new to both of us.

What's crazy is, even though the episode is thirty years old (originally aired in 1976), and knowing that the Doctor has plenty of perfectly good companions to come (particularly Romana), I still found myself at the end of the episode thinking, "No, Sarah Jane, don't go! Whaaaa!" In many ways, she was a perfect companion for the Doctor, smart and snarky while maintaining a sense of innocent fun, and it was easy to believe that the pair of them were close friends. The "I worry about you / Yes I know, but I worry about -you-" sequence in particular is one of those rare "D'Awww!" moments in the original show. (Compared to the blubber-of-the-week about Rose in the current series, the fact that the Doctor actually expressed affection for one of his companions in the old series was a big deal.)

The good news is, she'll be back. Personally, I'd rather she came back as a regular on Doctor Who, if only because the likelihood of her new series ever appearing in USA is remote -- but failing that, it's at least a happy thing to know that good old Sarah Jane is still out there, poking her nose where it doesn't belong. I wonder how many times she'll be hypnotized in the new show. ;)

-The Gneech
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