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Happy Birthday, jamesbarrett!

For your present, here's today's Forgotten English!

newyear's gift

An interjection corresponding to "Happy New Year!"
--D. S. Crumb's The Dialect of Soutwestern Missouri, 1903

New Year's Eve
In December 1946, the poet Robert Frost was invited to spend the year's final hours with his friend Kay Morrison, her husband, and some casual acquaintances in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But, remembering a particularly unpleasant experience with the Morrisons a few years earlier, he declined the offer. When Kay stopped by the next day, she was surprised to find his apartment a mess and at first guessed that he had taken her advice and organized his own celebration. The lingering smell of cigarette smoke and whisky permeated the disheveled dwelling. She asked whether his party had been enjoyable, and he affirmed with an unconvincing nod. "There was nobody here but you last night, and you did all this just so we wouldn't know you were here alone, didn't you?" she inquired knowingly. Frost came clean, explaining that he had broken glasses, used pliers to burn cigarettes over the stone in order to fill the ashtrays, and ruined his tabletop by purposely pouring booze onto it.

So I guess nobody was stopping by the woods on that snowy evening, were they?

-The Gneech
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