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Amazing What a Proper Weekend Can Do

It's been a rough few months until this past weekend. I don't remember exactly when it started, October I think, but I spent most of the autumn tired, stressed, and feeling burnt-out and like I was running on fumes. You remember when Conan started showing up in all my posts? That's a sure-fire symptom that I'm stressed.

Anyway, Christmas is always hectic, and the week after was pretty nuts too, but this past weekend was a complete break. I did a little work on strip stuff, but mostly I spent three days playing video games, hanging out with laurie_robey, and sleeping late. Whenever I was tempted to go somewhere or start some project, I resisted until the feeling went away.

It was only three days, but Tuesday morning I felt like I'd had a two-week vacation and I was raring to go! When I had free moments during the day I worked on my plans for SJ, arranged to set up Richard as the new official colorist for NeverNever, and then went home and cranked out strips while listening to The Graveyard Shift.

Today, my energy level remains high and my brain is percolating on scripts and storylines. I'm also looking forward to Further Confusion and working on prep for that. There's going to be another SJ Room Party, I'm tapped to be a panelist for another Furry Game Show, and of course mammallamadevil and I will be doing the usual table mania, backed up this time by Vince on one side and susandeer on the other -- let the i.s.o. / SJ / NeverNever hawking and yarnball artillery wars commence!

Tonight my plans are DDR and more strip-cranking. :) It's nice to have energy again!

-The Gneech
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