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On the rare occasions you can get all the pieces to work, DDR is much fun. :)

But WAY tiring! 0.o

Of course, it would help if I wasn't all growed up. ;P But they didn't give me the "eternal youth" option ... this body is a factory reject as it is. I'm lucky all the parts more or less work!

Next time, I'm getting a better model. Maybe take one of these, shift the palette a little to the right tawny/copper shade, put a fedora on him. That's about right.

EDIT: Oh yeah! In related news, now that kamau_d_lyon has the Bowflex, it's time for me to start looking for a replacement, so I'm taking recommendations! I'll go up to $2000 as necessary, but I would prefer not to go that high unless I have to. If all else fails, I'll just get the most recent model Bowflex (my last one was quite satisfactory, I just wore it out and outgrew the weight capacity) ... but I'm gonna do a little shopping before I settle on just doing that.

-The Gneech
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