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"Hmm," said Greg. "What do you think: Orko, Snarf, or that winged monkey from Pirates of Dark Water?"

"Niddler?" said Alex. "No, winged monkeys get points for creepiness. Besides, he was voiced by Roddy Macdowell originally, that's gotta count for something."

"You get points for creepiness for remembering his name," said Greg.

"Well it can't be Ookla the Mok," said Alex. "He was awesome. How about the talking pig from that show where Laverne and Shirley went all Private Benjamin?"

Greg shook his head. "No, I don't think he counts; he was supposed to be annoying."


"Bandit? Slimer?"


Brigid, who had been looking at the pair of them the whole time as if they were both nuts, finally said, "You guys are just clueless, aren't you? It's totally got to be Bat-Mite."

"Bat-Mite?" said Greg. "Seriously?"

"Yes," said Brigid. "Definitely Bat-Mite."

Alex thought for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah, Bat-Mite, I can see that."

Greg shrugged. "Okay, the multitudes have spoken. Bat-Mite it is! I'll call the piñata place and get them started."

-The Gneech

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