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Convention Pre-Flight Checklist

In an effort to keep myself from getting to a con and realizing, "Holy crap, I didn't bring the ______!" I'm trying to put together a convention pre-flight checklist that I can just fill out and check off as I go. I'm posting it here for people to snag and use if they like, but also in case people can help me think of items that need to go on here that I've forgotten, or changes anybody might want to suggest. So, comments welcome!


Convention Name:

Convention Dates:

Convention Location:

Dates Off From Work:

ADVANCE (12 - 8 months out)

Register for table/convention

Register for hotel

Sales license or other required paperwork

Conbook art

Submit to conbook (if any)

Artshow art

New merchandise (if any)

INTERMEDIATE (7 - 2 months out)

Book flight/car/travel

Ship Tiffany standee (if needed)

Ship anything else (if needed)

Register for art show (if any)

Charity auction items

IMMEDIATELY PRE-CON (less than 2 months)

Shipping directly to hotel (if any)

Price list

Art supplies

Badge supplies

Cash box


Paperwork/application for next year?

Tax info?


Count/split money

Post mortem analysis (what worked, what needed improvement, ideas for next time)

Pay taxes

Make sure everything gets home okay!

-The Gneech
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