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I Am the Blue Van

Apparently, sometime between Christmas and now, my brother went plummeting off of a truck, breaking his arm and banging up his leg. He has in that time been staying with my parents, who have been shuttling him to his appointments with his physician.

However, my mom has now come down with some kind of bug; my dad, being 82 and therefore having the amazing reflexes of a Galapagos tortoise, is in no condition to drive my brother all around town; and my sister, you may recall, has a broken leg of her own.

Thus, I was surprised at work by a call from my mom asking if I would tote my brother off to the doctor. Fair enough, happy to oblige and all that, so off my brother was toted. Upon our safe return to my parents' home, my mother greeted me with, "So how's your afternoon?"

"It's fine, thanks," I replied. "How's yours?"

Apparently, my father has a regular "OMG you're old" appointment at Kaiser Permanenté this afternoon, which my mom "hoped she'd feel better enough to take him to". What could have led her to the idea that she might do anything but sleep all day is beyond me, except perhaps for wishful thinking, but fortunately my workload is relatively light so I can go back out and do the requested shuttling. I just wish she'd gone ahead and told me in the initial call, instead of leaving it to spring on me later.

Oh well! My dad used to tote me all over creation once upon a time, I figure he's due a little reciprocation. :)

-The Gneech
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