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Behind Closed Doors

From Arts & Letters Daily: Scenes From the Exhibitionists

But this Puritans-are-coming! stance, validating, as it does, someone as cracked as Paris Hilton, finally implodes. The problem with a Britney or a Bentley is not that they are floozies. It is rather that they are, paradoxical as it might seem, naive. They underestimate the magnetic force field created by intimate sexual information and violate the logic of privacy that should be all the more compelling in a media-driven age. People in the public eye always risk becoming objectified; they are watched by hordes of strangers who have only fragmentary information about them. When that information includes details that only their Brazilian waxers should know for sure, it's inevitable that, humans being the perverse creatures that they are, all other facts of identity will fall away. Instead of becoming freer, the exhibitionist becomes an object defined primarily by a narrow sexual datum.

I've opined in the past about why I don't draw "adult art," even though I'm sure I could double (or triple) my sales and page views with it. I don't like the way it takes over -- audience reaction to even the guy-on-guy flirtations of Drezzer Wolf can quickly overwhelm any discussion about other topics if I let it. I'm pretty much the same way about discussing my own intimate habits ... to the point where I've been called a prude about it, and have a few friends who always assume that I'm "tsk, tsking" about their own spoogey adventures.

I always find this very amusing; in the words of Greg, I am very much a not-prude -- I suspect some of you would be quite surprised if I divulged -- but I believe in keeping private things private. However, as much as I may enjoy the various games grownups play, I also just don't think sex is anywhere near as interesting as the rest of the world seems to. Even at my most rampant teenagery-est, I spent a lot more time thinking about dragons and warp drives than I did about "unf, unf, unf." There is so, so very much more to life, that I always find myself thinking "WTF?" at the way people fixate on the boink and boink-related issues.

So that's why I don't draw adult art; not because I "disapprove" of it, but because I don't want to become "about" adult art.

-The Gneech
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