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Status Report

Offer made on house. Now that the contract is in, I can tell you that it's in Herndon, a few blocks away from Old Town, a four-bedroom three-bath sort of modern day hobbit hole, all newly restored/renovated, at just the right price. It currently has a beautifully restored ~1960ish french-vanilla-yellow Triumph TR3 in the garage as well, but somehow I think that will be gone by the time we move in. I told the real estate agent that the seller could leave it there if they wanted, they shouldn't feel obligated to move it on our account. ;)

My sister, laurie_robey and I went over to my parents' house this afternoon and organized my parents' meds and had a family meeting about how to make sure they were getting all the treatment and care they need. My sister will be calling them to remind them and check on pill-taking, and I'll be going over at lunchtime (since I work near them) to follow-up and generally look in on them. Laurie, on the other hand, will be researching their various meds' interactions and side-effects, as well as any information we might need to know about my mom's diabetes and other conditions.

My brother is not being helpful; if anything, he seems to be sulking that mom and dad are getting all the attention while he has a broken arm. Oy. The fact that my sister has been doing all that she's been doing while recovering from her own broken leg seems to be lost on him. But he is the way he is, we just have to get past it.

I think that's all for now ... it's been a good day for making progress. Tomorrow, assuming all goes well, I'll go ahead and try to start drawing SJ for next week after all.


PS: Oh, by an interesting coincidence, this house is also a few blocks away from the bar that was the original model for SJ's The Watering Hole.
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