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Must -- Not -- Climb -- Walls!

Granted, it's only 24° outside, but it looks like a bright blue beautiful day out there, and after getting so much stuff DONE on the weekend, I feel like I'm completely wasting my time sitting here in this cubicle!

I'm not, actually, I'm doing a very specific task here (i.e., "pay for the house, the cons, the t-shirts, printing stuff...") -- but it's very hard to convince myself of that. I have so much stuff I wanna -DO-, and none of it involves doing webpages for NIMH!

It's weird, how I get a profound sense of accomplishment when I finish a writing or art project, whereas I get absolutely nothing from "earning the daily bread" except, y'know, bread.

Oh well, maybe I'll do some sketching over my lunch break. I gotta do SOMETHING to keep from feeling like I've wasted a whole day!

-The Gneech
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