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o/` It's the Most Pro-ductive Tiiiime of the Yeeear... o/`

The same way I'm always dead in July/Aug/Sep, I'm always a dynamo in Feb/Mar/Apr. In the past week I've knocked several big chunks out of my Too Much To Do List, and as of today I am about halfway through with two more items -- not including having the strips running when I was sure that Real Life was going to be all up in my face.

The main thing I have to remember at this stage, is that this high level of productivity is not normal for me, and plan accordingly. When I'm in this Late Winter Frenzy of Kickbuttness, I have so much mental bandwidth that I'm prone to take on any project that comes to me, giving a wild "WHOOP!" and diving right in.

Then the warm weather comes. ¬.¬

So what I'm trying to do this year, instead of starting a bunch of new things, is to use the Manic Months to clear out stuff that's been languishing forever, such as the CAKE portfolio, and to get ahead on the things that I'll want to do in the Depths of Summer but won't have the energy to.

It's like with managing the depression, it's just managing a kind of annual bipolarness -- take steps when you feel good, to mitigate and minimize the problems when you feel bad, and hopefully in the end it will all even out.

-The Gneech
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