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In Other News, Pushups Hurt

As you may know, preparatory to moving, I sold my beloved-but-old Bowflex to kamau_d_lyon, since I've been planning to upgrade it for some time and hadn't used it that much over the course of 2006 anyway, mostly because the year was already packed to the gills with STUFF and I spent most of my time at home trying to catch my breath.

However, I have also been aware for some time of the atrophying of my lower back muscles -- the ones that were blasted by the courier job and laid me out before Dragon*Con in agony, twice? The only thing that's kept me up and walking since those unfortunate incidents was all the weight lifting, and every week I don't do it, adds 1% to the likelihood that my back will use it as an excuse to kill me again.

My back is now dangerously weak; I can feel it trying to give in everyday life, and I can't afford to wait 'til we're moved and have the new Bowflex, so as of yesterday I'm instituting a daily routine of pushups and crunches as an emergency stopgap. I have tried to do this a couple of times now over the past six months but keep getting knocked off of it by one crisis or another. But if we're going to be moving in less than a month, I need to be up and able to shift stuff! So this needs to be as much a part of my morning routine as eating breakfast or brushing my hair, or come mid-March, I'm going to be writhing on the floor in agony and laurie_robey is going to be stuck doing all the moving again.

I still hate pushups, tho. Gah. I want my new Bowflex!

-The Gneech
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