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Happy Birthday, pandaguy!

I wasn't real keen on typing up today's Forgotten English, so instead, for your present, here's Tuesday's Forgotten English!

A mode of divination formerly used by the Highlanders.
--John Jamieson's Etymological Scottish Dictionary, 1808

A person was wrapped in the skin of a newly slain bullock and deposited beside a waterfall, or in some other strange, wild, and unusual situation, where the scenery around him suggested nothing but objects of horror. In this situation he revolved in his mind the question proposed, and whatever was impressed upon him by his exalted imagination passed for the inspiration of the disembodied spirits who haunt their desolate recesses. ... According to one form of it, the companions of the inquirer whom they held by the legs and arms, cried, "Let his invisible friends appear from all quarters, and let them relieve him by giving an answer to our present demands."
--Martin Martin's A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, 1703

Feast Day of St. Agabus [Feb. 13],
a first-century fortune-teller, who later became a patron of soothsayers.

I dunno, I think going through life with the name "Martin Martin" would be an object of horror in its own right!

-The Gneech
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