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DDRiddle Me This, Batman!

Q: What's more annoying than a DDR pad where the "down" button doesn't work?

A: A DDR pad where the "down" and "left" buttons both don't work!

Besides the annoyance of hearing Mister "You're Not an Ordinary Fella!" booing me at random, I keep screwing up worse because I see the "Boo!" and try to figure out what I did wrong, only to miss the next arrow too.

Pfui. Wonky DDR pads are Teh Suck. Fortunately, in the new place, they'll be down on the concrete floor of the basement, so maybe that'll make 'em more stable.

In other news, I realize I've been a bit of a whinyboy in my LJ lately, so this will be the last gripey post for a while! *bangs gavel on desk*

-The Gneech
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