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A Week Away

Kimba ... lion with the head of a mouse!

Er, anyway.

We settle on the house on Wednesday next, making it only a week until laurie_robey and I are officially house-owners. And mortgage payers. 0.o Laurie's quite antsy about the hit to our finances, but honestly I'm not that worried about it. We've gone through much harder financial situations and came out of it with flying colors. Once we get past the first year or two, we won't even notice any more.

But like her, I do enjoy our current "high level of liquidity" and will miss it. The house purchase will impact how much we can travel (including next year's projected U.K. trip), things like our wardrobe and Christmas shopping, and so on. It will also push my would-be Bruce replacement a bit further into the future, I expect, assuming Bruce doesn't up and quit on me and force our hand.

Still, compared to when we were in college, or those first years in northern VA when we couldn't find work? Compared to when we had to send money orders to credit card companies? Pfeh. This is nothing!

-The Gneech
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