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Napoleonic Wars -- of the FUTURE!

laurie_robey and I watched the first episode of Last Exile last night. Like almost all animé first episodes, it was "set-uppy" and somewhat incomprehensible; certainly pretty to look at, tho. I realize that, as a fantasy show, you're supposed to just let go and run with it. But I have a hard time swallowing the idea that these countries have the advanced technology to make gigantic lighter-than-air battleships, yet still think setting up rows and rows of soldiers to shoot at each other with muskets is a good way to wage war. We'll see how it develops, tho.

We also recently watched the first disk of Battle Athletes Victory, a fairly lighthearted show about young women training to be super-soldiers/celebrities in a hazily-sketched future. This one tried a little too hard (IMO) to be "zany wacky hi-jinks", with competitions such as running races while pushing giant concrete cylinders, or riding bicycles around Hot Wheels-track looking courses, with lots of screaming, crying, and chibi-faces. I was pleased that, given that the cast is young adult women running around in leotards most of the time, it was not OTT fanservicey, but at the same time after watching a couple of episodes I found myself wishing it would chill out a little.

I've also been going through the entire run of the original Jonny Quest lately; last night I watched "The Invisible Monster," which was basically the Id Monster from Forbidden Planet moved to a Caribbean island. That episode scared the bejeebus out of me when I was a kid, and still manages at times to be very creepy, particularly after the titular monster has been made visible and wanders around making its strange screamy noise at things. Its alien not-quite-intelligent behavior, seeming to be groping for some kind of sentience, is actually the scariest thing about it. The fact that it slaughtered everyone on the island (which was mighty heady stuff to throw at kids) in a purely instinctual "see food, eat it" way, was another thing that gave me the willies as a kid. What a show!

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