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The Week That Everything Happens, Day One

At work now, after stopping in on the way to shovel my parental units' walks. Fortunately, one of their generous neighbors had done most of the hard work already, so all we had to do was clean it up a bit and put down salt.

Today I am tasked with getting the utilities at the house switched over to our names. Tomorrow night we do the "final walkthrough" to make sure all of the inspection items were resolved, etc., and then Wednesday is the big signing day.

We are currently looking at the weekend of the 17th as the "Big Stuff Move" weekend, in which most of the furniture will transfer from the current place to the new place. Before that happens, tho, we need to get floor coverings in my studio space (so my desk and chairs won't tear up that beautiful hardwood floor). We're also going to buy a dining room set, but we have no idea where from yet. We should probably get a rug to put under that too.

Busy, busy, busy! I suppose I should do some actual work while I'm at it.

-The Gneech
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