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Sunshine, Fifty Degrees...

So everybody turns off their brains and gets out on the road! Wheeeee! *crash*

I sometimes wonder how this area can hold this much stoopid and not spontaneously combust. In the three-block run from here to Starbucks at lunchtime, laurie_robey and I watched one fender-bender, I saw two pedestrians jump in front of a pickup truck on wet pavement (that managed to miss them, thank goodness), and another near-miss with somebody going straight through in a left-turn-only lane.

That's not counting the strange woman in the fur coat who was looking in every car in the parking lot as she strode along smoking her cigarette, and the guy in front of us who couldn't take a sharp left because he couldn't put down his phone long enough to put both hands on the wheel.


-The Gneech
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