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In Da House

The settlement went with nary a hitch; the house is now ours. ^.^ Settlement was much faster and way more painless than I was expecting. Anyone in northern VA who is looking to buy a house, I highly recommend Mortgage Centers of America at Fair Oaks. Ask for Jack and tell 'em the Robeys sent ya.

We picked out a dining room set; we'll go back and get it Saturday when we're over at Fair Oaks to go to the DMV and change our address for registrations, licenses, etc. We still need to get floor coverings for the studio.

I'm going to change a bunch of addresses online tonight and order the new Bowflex.

It's been a very long but very productive day; I am now very tired. Fortunately, tomorrow's NeverNever is done and on the server already -- thanks, Sue and Richard! You two rock. :)

And now ... on to more administrivia! *faceplant*

-The Gneech
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