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Achievement for Today

  • Ordered blinds for the studio window

  • Took six boxes of stuff to the house.

  • Got rug tape.

  • Got weatherstripping for the back door.

  • Got electric socket insulators for exterior walls.

Not a huge day, but good enough considering.

In case anyone was wondering about my EverQuest query from earlier, I was just curious 'cause EQ was THE thing to do for a while, but WoW knocked it from its perch, so I was hoping that EQ might be a way to avoid the stoopid that's so prevalent in the whole MMO scene. If I could find a low-population, RP-snob-filled MMO I might try it just because it's so difficult to find any other CRPGs any more ... but, with all due apologies to Smrgol and Kamau, the one time I tried WoW it was so "everything bad I ever suspected about MMOs confirmed" that I can't imagine trying it again. I honestly don't see what appeal anybody sees in it. It's neither a good CRPG, nor a good social venue. As far as I could make out, it was just a mess.

Ah well. The only reason I have any time to even contemplate a new game is because the strip's on hold while I'm moving, and that's only going to be a few weeks. So I'm probably better off without it anyway.

But now, it's bedtime. I expect to be working from home to rest my back tomorrow. G'nite, world!

-The Gneech
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