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Geeks Live Here. It's Official.

Two boxes on the porch today! One was a housewarming present of a very aromatic candle from hbar98 -- thanks, dude! The second was my 12" Legolas. The house has a toy in it now -- it's officially ours. ;)

So for those who are interested, have some pictures!

Laurie in the studio!

Here we see the lovely and gracious laurie_robey standing in what will be my studio. In order to protect the floor, we laid down two 8x11 place rugs acquired from Lowe's. The rugs are actually a much nicer crimsoney color than this -- I took this picture with my Clié using the available light so the photos are not the greatest, alas.

Legolas guards the window sill.

This is my house elf.

The kitchen, huzzah!

Here we have the kitchen, looking through to the dining room. As you can see, it's not exactly large, but it does have a very handy (and currently empty) adjacent space which is theoretically some kind of "breakfast nook" (where I was standing when I took the picture) -- that will be made into "more kitchen" with the addition of a rolling island and probably eventually more cupboards and counter-tops. Right now it's just sorta under-utilized space.

laurie_robey says she wants to take more pictures during the move, and as she has a decent camera (as opposed to me using the one built into my PDA), I'm sure she'll do a better job. This was just a fun couple of snaps I thought you'd enjoy.

NOTE: Anybody local who has in mind to join in the moving party, we're starting the initial push tomorrow around noon. Please call to let me know you're coming, tho -- I don't like surprises when managing a big operation like this! :) Thanks!

-The Gneech
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