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Please forgive any errors in this post, but I can't see what I'm typing as there's just my little toon hands at the keyboard sticking out from under a 16-ton weight.

Much progress was made on the move yesterday, thanks to the generous help of camstone and mooivos, not to mention the guy from Springfield Towing who came in response to the U-Haul door breaking in the midst of everything else. He got the door open and then, because he had nowhere else to be at the time, schlepped some boxes for us. How's that for beyond the call of duty?

By the end of last night, my back was setting off all kinds of little red "failure imminent" indicator lights in my brain, not because if lifting things that were too heavy, just from fatigue. Today, actually, my back is fine ... or at least, no worse than the rest of me, which is feeling quite beat up. Daylight Savings Crime isn't helping, but in an unusual twist, it isn't particularly hurting either. By the time it was actually 10:30 p.m. you stupid government thugs 9:30 p.m., I was more than ready to hit the hay.

Anyway, if I can survive today, I should be all right. I'm moving slow and keep dozing off without realizing it, but I'm usually quite resilient. Good thing, too, we've still got a lot of packing to do before next weekend!

-The Gneech



Mar. 12th, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC)
We were glad to be of help, and hope the house gifts were appropriate. =) We'll try and come over next weekend too, provided we can get things done this week that we need to! If nothing else, we can come to kabob and hob-nob!

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