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Handy Links for Gamers

Random Dungeon Map Generator -- Random and pretty. :) Not populated, tho.

Jamis Buck's Random Dungeon Generator -- Not as pretty, but with encounters included -- of the "minotaurs in one room and hill giants in another" variety due to randomness. Old-school dungeon crawling at its most incoherent!

Rules of the Game -- Grappling, Part One -- One of the most important aspects of combat just happens to also be everybody's least favorite subsystem. D'Oh!

Rules of the Game -- Grappling, Part Two -- Okay, once you're in a grapple, what can you actually do?

These last two are particularly important to me, as Arshan seems to do a lot of grappling. Next time I make a character of Large size, I'll make him a monk! ;P

-The Gneech
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