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All Muscles Report System Failure

I am frequently amazed by mammallamadevil. I can't figure out how her parents packed SO much awesome into such a compact frame. Kerry's easily got the awesome of seven or eight people at least.

Anyway, with her help, and the loan of my parents' Blue Van II (Electric Boogaloo), we got almost all of the rest of moving done. There are some dishes left in the dishwasher, some cleaning stuff, one or two odd knick-knacks -- but I'd say easily 99.9% of our stuff is now in the new home.

In boxes.

And piles.

And piles of boxes.

Holy cats is there a lot of stuff here. 0.o It's piled everywhere! Every horizontal surface, every corner, every pathway and unused chair, is laden with STUFF.

On the upside, part of the reason for this is that all of our cabinets, shelves, desk drawers and whatnot are empty. Most of this STUFF has a place it's supposed to be. However, this presents an interesting conundrum -- we can't get to the cabinets to put the STUFF that goes in them away, because there's too much STUFF in front of the cabinets!

My guess is that we're going to have to work in stages, shuffling things to the general vicinity of where they're supposed to go (this goes upstairs, this goes in the garage, this goes in the kitchen), and then "drill down" from there working on each room at a time. We can also park on car on the street and another in the driveway, so that we can have the garage space free as a holding area.

So, that's going to be our lives for the next few months. My first priority, once we've got the "kitchen can cook things, showers can be taken" type of necessities out of the way, will be the studio. I would like to be drawing by Thursday night, so I can pick up SJ next week back in my "a week or so ahead" mode that suits me so well.

Anyway, this move has been a big, fat, hairy deal in my life and in laurie_robey's, and I really want to thank all of our buds who helped us out. sirfox, jamesbarrett, hantamouse, camstone, mooivos, and mammallamadevil, you were all terrific. We definitely couldn't have done it without all of your generous help, and we are grateful. Thank you all!

And now, I must go to bed. All muscles report system failure. It's been a long March. -.-

-The Gneech
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