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Sustained Effort

One of the best ways to achieve anything, really, is to just keep plugging away at it. Keep writing, and eventually you'll have a book. Keep drawing, eventually you'll have a long-running comic. etc.

So in that vein, last night laurie_robey and I did a kind of low-key putter on getting the house arranged -- with lots of taking breaks whenever we felt like.

Still, in this non-aggressive mode, we managed to get a lot accomplished. Both computers are now wired for sound and my scanner is connected and ready for strips; the printer shelves are assembled; Laurie put away a lot of the kitchen implements; I found my missing clothes (but not the toothpaste or razor yet); we determined which plugs in the living room and bedroom are operated by the wall switch and moved the bedroom lamp accordingly; I switched the floor lamps in the studio to a more useful configuration; we got the pile of boxes in the dining room down to 4' high from 7' high ... and we started attacking the laundry. This was after a full day of work and stopping back at the apartment to put the trash out over there.

So we managed to get a pretty good swath of stuff done, while still having a relatively restful evening. I even managed to get a little prep work done for my next D&D game. :) All it takes is staying on task.

Too bad now I gotta spoil all that by going to work. ;P

-The Gneech
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